Epson Printer Troubleshooting

Epson Printer is one of the most reliable & low maintenance brands on the market. It has lots of benefits like power-saving, wireless/mobile connectivity, low cost & easy convenience. Although you may face some common or other issues in Epson Printer.

The common problems with the Epson printer that you may face are paper jam, slow print, stop printing, & error messages, etc. However, fixes are available on our website you just need to call us on the Epson printer support number (+1-213-357-3494).

Here are some troubleshooting methods by which you can resolve the issue:

1. Why Is My Epson printer Printing blank pages

  • Replace ink cartridges.
  • Check whether the yellow tape on the ink cartridges has been removed or not.
  • To locate any clogged nozzle view the nozzle check.
  • Check if you have input the right paper size, layout, & orientation for Epson printer troubleshooting.
  • Check print preview & remove any blank pages.

2. How Do I Reset My Epson Printer?

  • Power down the printer.
  • Turn the printer.
  • Take any sharp thing (ballpoint pen/ paper-clip).
  • Locate the Reset button.
  • Press the reset button.
  • While pressing the reset button for Epson printer troubleshooting, turn on the printer.
  • When a warning is displayed release the button.

3. Why Epson Printer Not Printing Correctly?

Make sure that the printable sheet of the paper is facing up in the sheet feeder.

  • By cleaning the head cleaning utility clears the clogged sink.
  • Run the print head alignment.
  • On the printer’s main menu choose “Automatic” as the mode setting.
  • Replace the dried-up ink cartridges, if the ink-out light is flashing.
  • Change the color setting in your printer software.
  • Check whether the “Media Type” setting is correct or not in your printer driver.

4. Having a Wi-fi Connection problem?

  • Ensure that the computer & Printer are connected to a wi-fi network.
  • Install the latest version on your computer & uninstall the printer’s driver.
  • Other than the driver & software, Download & install the firmware for the printer.

5. Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink?

  • Make sure that you have removed the protective tab from the cartridges.
  • Run a print head cleaning and check that the position of your level is in its original position.
  • Reset the Ink cartridges Counter.
  • Ensure that you are using the latest version of the printer’s driver.
  • Use manufacturer-authorized ink cartridges.

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